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The International Center for Entrepreneurship (ICE) was launched as one of the winning projects in the European Social Fund competition in the region of Lower Silesia, Poland, organised for the entrepreneurial women by the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy in 2009. Our key activities include:

     Consultancy on: 1) entrepreneurship, 2) curriculum development, 3) launching, development and modernisation of SMEs,

Research on internship, entrepreneurship, labour market,

        Trainings, workshops and seminars for professionals,

          Students` mentoring,

         Publishing house,

         Organization of professional events.

The scope of ICE operation also includes the provision of organisational services for higher education institutions in the field of international academic co-operation as well as consultancy on the development of partnerships between universities and enterprises in research, innovation and application of results.

The size and type of the organisation: SME/private.


Associated Partner of PRAXIS Erasmus Network

European Center for Project/Internship Excellence